Dear Friends of Haiti:

As most of you know, FOHO Missions, Inc has been using the Bible Institute’s apartment in Port-au-Prince to house incoming teams since the 2010 earthquake destroyed FOHO’s guesthouse. It has worked well and this past year we added three outdoor showers and a bathroom/shower room to augment the “one shower/one toilet” bathroom the teams have been sharing!  A small house was built for the night watchman. Pillars were poured in the foundation of the fallen FOHO guesthouse as a first step to begin construction of a secure storage space for vehicles and equipment as well as a workshop. Plans had been discussed to add a second floor on the Bible Institute apartment in the future to add more bedrooms for incoming teams.

THEN….things happened that have caused FOHO to re-evaluate how we need to proceed to benefit the Haitian FM Conference, the Haitian population and also our incoming teams. The Haitian government is building a beautiful highway to replace Delmas, the major road through Port au Prince. In widening the highway and putting a cloverleaf ramp very close to where we are presently located, Parc Chretien Free Methodist Church and many other buildings have been affected. Parc Chretien lost a large chunk of seating space (1000) in their church, as well as conference/church office space, a bookstore and more. With the church growing and needing more space for parking, offices, etc, it was concluded we need to find a more solid location and allow the church full use of the land for their purposes.

We have found a good 2.5+ acres site near the US Embassy as well as several stores that are useful to us. It is in a safer section on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. If purchased, our new facility would be specifically designed and built for the team operation and would be an ideal place to house teams coming in and out of the country. We anticipate walling in half with a concrete wall and wire fencing the rest. We are very excited to tell you we have been given a generous donation toward the land. Another donation of $25,000 has been given toward the building process. God is good! If the purchase goes through, development will require a wall, water, electricity, quarters for an onsite Haitian caretaker, small apartment for guesthouse manager, used shipping container for use as a secure depot and dining area/living quarters/workshops/etc for incoming teams.

We feel a little like Abraham when God called him to a new place. We feel God calling us to a new location and we are stepping out in faith that he will give us clear direction in this matter. As you are part of this organization through your prayers, gifts and going, we are asking you to pray for:

Clear vision and wisdom in the decision making
Good use of our resources
Fundraising Drive for Development of FOHO Compound
God’s voice to be heard in our midst
Financial Contributors
Teams and/or finances to hire Haitians to finish the two churches already started and begin developing the new land for ministry.
If you are interested in being part of a team, leading a team or supporting a team, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.