Haiti Goat Project
In 2006 Marv DeVisser took over as director of the Goat Project in Haiti when missionary J. R. Crouse was reassigned to Peru. This project is designed to help Haitians develop skills to raise livestock themselves. It is also meant to instill in them the need to help each other and to give back to their church community.

The project works when someone, usually from the United States, sends money ($50) to purchase a female goat. That goat is given to a family who is trained on how to care for its basic needs such as trimming hooves, vaccinating for parasites and proper feeding.

The female is bred and the first kid is kept by the family. The second kid is given back to the community to be given to another family. The third is kept and the fourth is given back, and on it continues. With this plan in place, new families can receive goats and the original family is able to build its “herd.” Male goats are usually sold and the money goes for buying new female goats.

Late Fall Travels
In late Fall Marv travels to Haiti’s northern region to meet with pastors of churches and families who are involved in the Goat Project. While there he trims the hooves and vaccinates goats. He also teaches families how to repeat the process when he is gone. There are 27 churches in the north that participate in this project.

Early Spring Travels
In the spring Marv travels to Haiti’s participating churches in the southern region. Traveling to the south is more difficult. The dry season, when travel is possible, is a short period in late winter. This is because the only access is through long and winding rivers. You must ford the river 27 different times to reach these churches! This is extremely difficult and often impossible during most of the year.

Non-Program Goats & Other Animals
Often there will be many other animals and goats not associated with our project that Marv will come across while visiting these churches. Since his ultimate goal is to help as many Haitian people as possible to find Jesus as well as the means to a better life, he vaccinates as many of these non-program animals as possible.

Goats make wonderful gifts for your children to give to families with children in Haiti. Interested in giving? Contact us.