FOHO Missions, Inc has befriended the people of Haiti in Christ’s name. 

FOHO Missions, Inc has aided the funding and repair of flood, hurricane and earthquake damage. 

FOHO Missions, Inc has built over 90 schools across Haiti partnering with World Vision and local pastors.

FOHO Missions, Inc has built over 55 churches, canteens and parsonages.

Mission Statement: FOHO Missions exists to provide a mechanism for separate individuals to work together to improve quality of life and make a difference for the Haitian people through the construction of of schools and churches, installation of wells, a goat project and any other available means.

How do you describe FOHO Missions, Inc.?
What is the vision and focus of our organization?
FOHO Missions, Inc., is an organization with a deep desire to come alongside the people of Haiti and support them in making their communities and country better through friendships, construction, projects, teaching, Vacation Bible Schools and anything else we may be called upon to accomplish.  We are mainly introduced to different construction projects that are needed to be done.  We focus on working on the project until it is completed.  During these times it is important to us to get to know the people around us and build good relationships with them.  Some have made friendships that have lasted many years.  It is the people that are our first priority and then the project.  It is important that we don’t come with our American culture and force it onto the Haitian culture.  It is vice versa. We are there to work with them in their culture for the betterment of their culture.  It is also very important that we be very flexible.  We can’t bring our agenda into their culture.  We adapt ourselves to their culture.  That’s where respect and comradery is built.  We are not forcing ourselves on them but coming alongside and supporting for the common cause of creating a better community.