Haiti Trip Information
On the plane: You will be given immigration and customs forms to fill out before you land. You will need the following
•Local Haitian phone number (if calling from a US phone, you will need to dial 011-509 before the number
listed below.
Rick Ireland 3674.7266
Russ Cole 3736.7487
Jean Wiler 3325.8332
Jean Gardy Virgile 3860.4708 or 3452.9573
Jean Marc Zamor 3701.6401
•Local Haitian Address
Delmas 28b, Rue Victor Hugo #5
Port au Prince, Haiti
At the Port au Prince Airport
The Port au Prince airport is a unique experience! You should have 7 one dollar bills (US currency) when you fly in. this
will get you through the process that follows.
• You will generally exit the plane on a jet way where you will be directed to the luggage pickup area.
•You will first pass through immigration. You should have your passport and customs forms ready.
•You will then get your luggage off of one of the luggage carrousels. Sometimes while you are going through
customs the luggage will be taken off the carrousels and stacked. You will need the luggage ID tags you were
given when you first checked your luggage at your home airport.
•Unless you have minimal luggage, we strongly recommend that you rent a luggage cart for $2 US. Once you
have your luggage, it is a long walk to the area where you will be picked up.
•Once your have your luggage, you will pass through a customs check. Generally you will just hand in your
customs form and be waived through.
A word about the porters.
They can be very aggressive. We recommend that if you use one, you point out one person and say “only you” (in Creole
it sounds like “yon moon”). If a porter touches your bag, he will generally want to be tipped so you have to be forceful. If
you hire a porter, you should make sure they stay with you until your bags are loaded in a vehicle. If they leave, another
porter will stand by you, walk you to your vehicle and expect to be tipped as well. A reasonable tip is $3-5 dollars US.
Sometimes the porters are in the baggage area and sometimes you do not encounter them until you leave the airport
Once you leave the building, you will be directed across an open space into the parking area where someone will be
waiting for you. If no one is there, be patient. Traffic in Port au Prince is very heavy and delays are common. If you have
a concern, you can call one of the phones listed above.